Family Owned & Operated in Los Altos, CA


Over 50 Years of Cooking Experience

Antonio & Maria Gonzales — Breakfast in Los Altos, CA
Tom's Depot Front View — Breakfast in Los Altos, CA
Tom's Depot is dedicated to our customers. In fact, you may arrive only as a customer, but leave as a member of the Gonzalez family. Antonio and Maria Gonzalez are the heart and soul behind Tom's Depot and want you to feel like Tom's Depot is just an extension of the kitchen in your home. Antonio has been cooking for over 50 years and running Tom's with his wonderful wife Maria for 16. The food won't be only reason to have you come back, our staff's warm and welcoming demeanor make it nearly impossible to enjoy eating anywhere other than Tom's Depot. Come join the family and pull up a chair at 991 Fremont Ave, Los Altos, CA 94024.